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Dear Mr. Easter Bunny,

I just had to write today...

To see if you stop in Heaven...

As you hop along your way?


You see...a part of me is up there...

That I miss with all my heart...

You son lost his life...

That tore our lives apart.


So, I wanted to know if you go there???

And if I could ask a favor of you?

Can you take him a basket to heaven?

Filled with colored eggs and bunnies too?


And could you please add a green egg for me?

They say green means new life and rest,

For my son is now resting in heaven...

No more pain and no more tests.


And could you also add an orange egg for me?

Orange for the color of a candles flame,

For m yson little light will always shine...

Although our lives will never be the same.


And could you add an egg so blue?

For blue is the color of a cloudless sky,

And when I see the geese flying over me...

I know its a sign...from him way up high.


And we can’t forget a yellow egg too...

For yellow is the color of the rising sun,

And my son love will shine down on me...

For all my days and nights to come.


And we also need a rainbow colored egg...

For the rainbow way up high in the sky,

For Mom says he will always live within me...

And his spirit will never die.


And last but not least a red egg if you could?

For we all know red means the color of love,

And I love my son oh so much...

Please send my love to him above.


Thank you Mr Easter Bunny...

I really appreciate your time today...

And I will say a prayer for you too...

As you hop to Heaven for me on Easter day.


When you take his basket up to the Heavens...

Can you please whisper in his ear?

And wish him the happiest Easter From me...

For I miss him more with each passing year.


Copyright April 2001  Written by :

Laura/Heavenly Lights Childrens Memorial

Permission given


















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"Grief isn't a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith---it is the price of love."