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Happy Mothers Day From Heaven
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I want to wish each and every one of you a Happy Mother's Day some have children in Heaven , Some here on earth and some that have children that feel like their own. A mother is  special person that no one can replace the love and the bond is forever. So no matter here are childmay be know tey love you more than you will ever know.
Someone said to me, Dustin is not gone he is happier than he has ever been in life. Which is all hard for me to grasp still but I do love both of my kids more than life. Tiffany my daughter is  a wonderful daughter and a mom too.
Please accept this bouquet of your Birhday Month Flowers from your Angel knowing they did not forget  Mother's day and  they send all their love and kisses to you today and every day.
(If I have forgot anyone please email me and anyone else wanting to join our moms plase email Click on picture to enlarge to read your special message)
Happy Mother's Day
Love and hugs Patti and Angel Dustin


Mother Prayer

Dear Lord,
today we pray for mothers--
our own mothers, and mothers everywhere,
who have made such a major contribution
to the good qualities we have,
sometimes through genetics,
more often through great effort and patient instruction,
and who have done their best
to gently polish away our rough edges.
Lord, please bless our mothers
for the endless hours of time they spent
and the boundless energy they invested in us.
Bless our mothers for their sacrifices on our behalf
as they often gave up or deferred their own dreams
so that we could have ours.
Bless our mothers for always being there for us,
for being the person we know we can turn to
when we need comfort, encouragement, or just a hug.
Bless our mothers for making a home for us
where we could feel safe, where we felt we belonged.
Most of all, Lord,
bless our mothers for their unconditional love,
for loving us no matter what,
and for frequently showing love
in ways that make us feel valued and cherished.
Lord, please bless our mothers mightily.
Strengthen them, soothe them,
wrap them in Your infinite love
and shower them with blessings
too numerous to count, too magnificent to describe.
We love them, admire them, respect them,
and we wish that You would give them back
many times the good they gave to us.
In Jesus' name we pray; Amen.

By Joanna Fuchs




January Mum
Jacob McLeod-Steinmetz


Lola Cross
January Mom
Angel Troy


Rosemarie (Rose) McPhee
January Mom
My son Name is Leo Louis McPhee


Debbie Clement
January Gma
Jakob Andriacchi


Shirley Speaker Baer
January Mom
Laurie Michelle Baer


Susie Dunn
February  Mom
Jason Christopher Dunn


Dj French 
February Mom   
Shane Short  


Joshua Hedglin
Monika Hedglin
Febuary Mom


Ryan DeAndrea 
Linda DeAndrea 
  February Mom


Happy Mothers Day!
Patti Rawls (March Mom)
 Dustin Rawls


Dessa Smith
March Mom
Joseph Eldon Smith


Angie( March Mom)
Dustin's mom


 Saralyn Smith
March Mom


Theresa Mom


Donna Volkert
April Mom
Zachery Tyler Gibson


April Mom


April Mom


 Cheryl Cade
April Mom
Joshua Aaron Cade (no website)


Connie Knopka 
May Mom
Angel is Michelle Knopka Mazzagati


Lucinda Beard
 May Mom


Candy Young
 May Mom


Donna James
June Mom
Corey & Michelle (son and daughter in-law)

Missing You


No words I write can ever say

How much I miss you every day.

As time goes by, the loneliness grows;

How I miss you, nobody knows!


I think of you in silence,

I often speak your name,

But all I have are memories

And photos in a frame.


No one knows my sorrow,

No one sees me weep,

But the love I have for you

Is in my heart to keep.


I've never stopped loving you--

I know I never will;

Deep inside my heart,

You are with me still.


Heartaches in this world are many

But mine is worse than any.

My heart still aches as I whisper low,

"I love you and I miss you so."


The things we feel so deeply

Are often the hardest to say,

But I just can't keep quiet any more,

So I'll tell you anyway.


There is a place in my heart

That no one else can fill;

I love you so, my precious girl,

And I always will.


~Author unknown~

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"Grief isn't a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith---it is the price of love."